Imagine the possibilities.

People. Conversations. Results.

Thriving people

People are at the center of all you do. Understanding their aspirations and what drives them is critical to achieving breakthroughs.

Powerful conversations

The right conversations at the right time drive commitment.

Exceptional results

Our decades of experience shows this work leads to breakthrough results for your organization and your teams.

About Us

We are a global consulting and coaching firm working with leaders and teams to become more collaborative, effective, inclusive, and productive.

  • Vision, Mission, & Strategy
  • Effective Teams at All Levels
  • Culture & Collaboration
  • Operational Practices
  • Executive Coaching

How We Help

We work with leaders and teams to make organizations more collaborative, more effective, more inclusive, and more productive.

We meet you where you are.

First, we listen to your people to understand your aspirations and learn what’s working and what’s not. Then, we co-design programs to meet your organization’s specific needs.

We help you get to where you want be.

Through executive team and 1:1 coaching, strategy and culture workshops, operating upgrades, and leadership development, we guide your teams to have conversations needed across levels and functions to design and achieve your ambitious future.

We make sure you can sustain this growth and more.

We support your leaders to grow the mindsets and skillsets for your organization to succeed and thrive in this round of change and to drive and navigate the next waves of change even more effectively.

Growing Groups Into Teams

Real-life stories of people who get results and thrive together.

Every group has the potential to become an amazing team. In this book, we explain how.

Why Work With Us

"We brought Kobe in to work with our leadership team. He taught us how to lead with care, especially how to have difficult conversations when people are feeling stuck. Now, asking for help is accepted in our organization. We listen more actively and we ask great questions. We're successful because we enroll people in the process and give them the space, time, and tools to fix their own problems."
Collette Cosky, Infantino
Former VP of Marketing & Creative
"Our company worked with Altus to gain strategic direction for planning our five-year future. We've learned a tremendous amount in many areas, including the important of collaborating and working together to create a common target goal so that every team member knows the direction of the company and can work together to achieve it. I look forward to working with Altus again in the future."
Jesse Mullet, NuCamp
Altus is the best at what they do. They have been contributing to the success of our organization for more than ten years. One of their many outstanding strengths is their ability to take in a great amount of input and quickly get to the core of the issue. This skill, combined with their vast knowledge and experience in working with SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, makes them invaluable to leaders of organizations."
Paymon Hamidi, Infracore

Clients Include

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