About Us

Altus is a global consulting and coaching firm that works with leaders and teams to make organizations more collaborative, more effective, more inclusive, and more productive.


Who We Are

At Altus, everything we do is based on the recognition that great accomplishments are driven by the genuine commitment and coordination of leaders, teams, and organizations. Where purpose and accountabilities are clear and strong, so are results and satisfaction.

Our care is about impacting leaders and teams to work more productively with each other and with the organization to drive measurable breakthroughs. We show leaders and teams how to have the conversations they need to build the strong culture that can address challenges and manage opportunities both now and in the future.

We work with leaders like you who are committed to growth, open to possibilities, and willing to enter in new conversations and practices on how to grow your people as well as the organization.

Where We Come From

The Altus methodology stems from groundbreaking work developed over the past 40 years in the fields of ontology, linguistics, biology, neuroscience, psychology, emotional intelligence, and cognition.

Ontology is the study of what it means to be human and how we bring things into existence. It’s an extraordinarily powerful approach for affecting change for individuals, teams, and organizations because it changes the context in which we see ourselves, our concerns, and our actions. This approach is highly effective because it’s based on scientifically grounded and practical understanding of language, moods, and conversations for behavioral and cultural transformation.

We recognize that where accountabilities are clear and strong, so are results. But accountability alone is not sufficient. Breakthrough results require the coordination of multiple performers—team members, multiple teams, and multiple functions—to increase revenue, improve client satisfaction, and build the capacity to continue creating high value in our ever-changing world.

How We Work

We utilize proven assessments, agile organizational practices, and advanced conversational skills to help facilitate effective conversations. Our clients achieve accelerated and lasting success through strategic clarity, team commitment, coordination of action, and accountability.

We are ourselves a global, distributed but highly connected team. We understand how to work effectively in the new work environment and we use that expertise to help you grow your groups into teams.

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