About Us

Altus is a global consulting and coaching firm that works with leaders and their teams to transform how they work together to achieve meaningful and measurable breakthroughs in growth, satisfaction and value.

Who We Are

Everything we do is based on the recognition that great accomplishments are driven by the genuine commitment and coordination of leaders, teams and organizations. Where purpose and accountabilities are clear and strong, so are results and satisfaction.

Our care is about making an impact on leaders in such a way that they can impact others at a greater level of consciousness. We look to work with leaders and their teams who are committed to growth, are open and willing to enter in new conversations and practices on how to accomplish it.

We utilize proven assessments, data and advanced conversational skills to help facilitate effective conversations that yield strategic clarity, team commitment, coordination of action and accountability to achieve accelerated and lasting success.

Where We Come From

The Altus methodology stems from groundbreaking work developed by scholars over the past 40 years in the fields of ontology, linguistics, biology, neuroscience, psychology, emotional intelligence, and cognition. Ontology means the study of what it means to be human and how we bring things into existence. It is an extraordinarily powerful approach for affecting change for individuals, teams and organizations because it changes the context in which they see themselves, their concerns, and their actions. It is highly effective because it is based on new, scientifically grounded and practical understanding of language, moods and conversations for behavioral and cultural transformation.

Our roots and training additionally stem from the work of The Institute for Generative Leadership. The Institute for Generative Leadership was founded in 1993 to provide leadership and management development and education that strengthens the impact of already successful leaders and managers, improves organizational performance, and produces a positive impact in the world.

At the heart of this approach is the recognition that great accomplishments are driven by the commitment and coordination of individuals, teams, and organizations. Where accountabilities are clear and strong, so are the results. Accountability, though essential, is insufficient by itself. Coordination of multiple performers — of team members, multiple teams, or multiple functions — is critical for increasing revenue, client satisfaction, and the capacities to create value and positively evolve in a changing world.

Altus and The Institute for Generative Leadership work closely together to provide the learning, skills, and hands-on practices and tools to increase effective accountability, coordination, and team performance. We work with our clients to produce results by introducing, apply, and integrate the concepts, frameworks, and skills to make quality commitments of value and realize them in a healthy growth process.