Author name: Dan Winter

The Eclipsed Leader

A thoughtful reflection from my friend Bruce Wilhelm. Getting out of the glare of our business priorities to reflect on what we want to take care of in our lives leads to self-energizing leadership. I loved Bruce’s quote by Jerry Colonna “What we need, sometimes, is a chance to reset our goals and to reconnect with our deepest […]

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Creating Sustained Change

I appreciate the framing by Vilija Biciunaite. Many organizations ask for training or an offsite, hoping for sustained change. Offsites create insight but seldom create sustained change. Our habits become who we are, and developing new habits takes recurring practice, with reflection, adjustment, and reinforcement. Click here to see the original LinkedIn article in the new

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Looking for a new job? Start by counting your blessings.

I was reading this quick post by Dr. Richard Osibanjo and was reminded of many conversations with friends and colleagues who are starting job searches. Often, they are unhappy with something in their current job – boring work, challenging partners, ineffective strategies, long hours, etc. This unhappiness pervades their thoughts and colors their mood even when we

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