Being Brave Means

We have enough courage to step into the unknown and bring our best skills to the moment. Taking a journey into learning during Black History Month is an opportunity. 

The invitation is to step up and love yourself enough to bring your best in sometimes challenging conversations that hold opportunities for bigger and brighter futures.

Black Love shows up in the joy, gravitas, and persevering power to call the nation to live truthfully in realizing its visions for democracy and equality. The diligence to hold Love as a guiding state of action when roadblocks and strategies undermine the honor of the calls for equality and care. 

This month discover the beauty of blackness and the people who manifest it by learning to see more and act from our sources of Love as leaders through learning and evolving to transform our capacity to act in the service to the women, men, and children cisgender and trans who are all part the Black History Month Celebration.

Use this short month to launch a learning practice, party, and enjoy the cuisine that grew out of the struggle to become some of the most delicious food we partake in. 

For the journey, you are encouraged to Pause and Breathe and Center your body in stability. Choose a growth mindset. Feel the support of the earth beneath you, enter the learning, look for what is new and unknown, and believe in the gift of different perspectives.

Let BHM be your #leadership learning ground for co-creating and aligning knowledge that expands how you see and know yourself in the world. 

Here are a few resources to free your mind and enlighten your journey.

  • Master Class offers a series telling stories of Black Love and its strategic response to white supremacy, antiblackness that is compelling through the narratives of these amazing leaders and icons: @Jelani Cobb, @Kimberly Williams Crenshaw, @Angela Davis, @Nicole Hannah Jones, @Sherrilyn Eiffel. @John McWhorter and @Cornell West
  • Henry Louis Gates has a fantastic program Finding Our Roots, on PBS.
  • Nicole Hannah Jones’ 1619 Project on Hulu and the essays in the NYT.
  • @ Beyoncé’s Grammy acceptance speech you can find it on YouTube.

What are you exploring and learning during Black History Month?

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