Leading with Gratitude: Celebrating Our Diverse Teams

In the whirlwind of our daily work lives, let’s intentionally lead with gratitude for the remarkable teams and colleagues surrounding us. Gratitude, at its core, is the heartfelt acknowledgment of life’s positive aspects, and channeling this gratitude towards our professional companions can be a potent force for cultivating a harmonious and thriving work environment. 🌟 Diverse …

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Creating Sustained Change

I appreciate the framing by Vilija Biciunaite. Many organizations ask for training or an offsite, hoping for sustained change. Offsites create insight but seldom create sustained change. Our habits become who we are, and developing new habits takes recurring practice, with reflection, adjustment, and reinforcement. Click here to see the original LinkedIn article in the new …

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Abundance mindset

I recently listened to Altus Growth Partners‘ Podcast, Missing Conversations Episode #12 with Lisa Simms Booth. She brings up what is such a critical point around the presence of scarcity in non-profit organizations. (The whole interview is excellent and worth listening to). A scarcity mindset is rooted in a belief that resources, opportunities, and support are limited, leading …

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Getting your project DONE

Getting your project DONE across a complex organization can be tough. Here are five ways to get unblocked and make that thing happen. #projectmanagement #leadershiptips #getstuffdone #influence

Digital Thread, a network of team commitments

In the 90s, with the introduction of Internet standards and changing operating systems, enterprise system architectures began to migrate away from tightly configured database applications. This completely changed the notion of product documentation and configuration management and opened the doors widely for hybrid heterogeneous systems and electronic vaults. Since then, we have drastically advanced our …

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