Commercial Real Estate Company

Strategy & Implementation


Commercial construction company had been growing rapidly for several years but only had a 5% net profitability. They were looking how to sustain the growth rate while significantly improving profitability. The executive team had differing views on how to develop the company further as they were monitoring the speed of growth and acquiring the capabilities to support the growth and succession plan.

Altus Solution

Conducted company-wide assessment and confidential individual interviews with the Executive team to learn about the current situations, hurdles, aspirations and identified missing conversation. Delivered a two (2) day off-site with the executive team and board members to co-develop an actionable success strategy for continued growth while building a higher performing and more profitable organization.


  • Aligned executive team in a shared Vision.
  • Established a shared understanding of the external environment
  • Identified the strategic drivers
  • Rolled out the specific strategic initiatives
  • Revenues grew by 25% over two years
  • EBITDA went from 5% to 18% in two years