Information Technology Company

Organization & Culture Change


A high-end IT provider serves sophisticated, qualified and demanding customers that completely rely on the people at this company to develop, manage and grow their complex IT infrastructure. They needed to build a high performing culture that is able to attract, retain and engage its engineering employees as ambassadors of the organization while serving their clients.

Altus Solution

Worked with the executive team to establish vision, values and guiding principles. Worked with executive and management team to introduce new practices on handling conflict, breakdowns in operations, developing a culture of accountability, managing promises and proactively deal with change in their tech environments.


  • Their culture was cited as one of the main reasons for the new engineers joining the company
  • Retention rate is higher than the industry average
  • High customer satisfaction and high retention rate where they maintain 95% of their clients year over year
  • Recognized as a premier IT provider
  • Revenues and profitability have grown year-over-year