Business Security Company

Strategy & Implementation


Third generation leader of a premier business security company continued to successfully adjust to the changing environment to maintain growth, market position and profitability. The CEO had built a new executive team with people promoted from within as well as newly hired executives. They needed to form as a collaborative executive team, while creating alignment and a story for the continued growth of the company.

Altus Solution

Conducted company-wide assessment and confidential individual interviews with the Executive team to learn about the current situations, hurdles, aspirations and missing conversation. Delivered a two (2) day off-site with the executive team to co-develop an actionable success strategy for continued growth while building a higher performing organization with clear commitments.


  • Aligned executive team in a shared Vision.
  • Established a shared understanding of the external environment
  • Identified the strategic drivers
  • Rolled out the specific strategic initiatives
  • Grew the recurring revenues by 10%, which goes directly to the bottom line
  • Company was eventually acquired at exceptional valuation. The owners retired.