Regional Public Energy Company

Organization & Culture Change


A regional public energy company hired a new CEO who was committed to improving the organization’s ability to successfully execute the business strategy and build a world class culture. His concern was a changing and highly competitive energy environment with new competitors and increased financial risk. He saw a lack of agreement on the path to growth by the senior leaders and weakness in the culture to make it happen.

Altus Solution

Altus took the following actions to address the challenges:

  • Analyzed the alignment of organizational capabilities, leadership competencies and corporate culture to support execution of the corporate strategy.
  • Created a prioritized action plan with leader accountabilities.

Assessed the current executive capability and development needs


Conducted an analysis of executive bench strength and succession risk
  • Provided recommendations for improving executive development programs and process

  • Facilitated a series of executive off-sites to design the mission, vision and cultural attributes 

  • Developed a prioritized, multi-year roadmap for succession and leadership development

  • Defined cultural characteristics that supported the new strategy


  • The stock price increased by 30% over a two-year period
  • The organization diversified its portfolio
  • Employee engagement scores increased by 15%
  • The leadership team was reformulated to more closely match the newly defined leadership and cultural competencies