Real Estate Investment/PE Firm

Team Performance Improvement


A highly successful real estate investment firm was performing well but wanted to develop a second stage 10x growth plan. They were also concerned about retaining key personnel and increasing engagement.

Altus Solution

Interviewed the senior staff and conducted a series of off-site workshops with the Executive team, future leaders and full staff to co-develop an actionable 10-year roadmap to reposition the company. We introduced/facilitated high performance team conversations, defined roles, cultural imperatives, organization structure and provided leadership coaching for the top team.


In an initial four-month checkpoint of the project, at the next product release, enough of the new practices and culture has been established that the following occurred:

  • Generated buy-in and built greater trust within the executive team
  • Launched a second stage growth plan for the company
  • Established clear accountability, clarified roles and team performance standards
  • Retained all key future leaders
  • They generated $250M investment partner to fund the growth