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How to Elevate Power Through Generative Moves

Yes, bluntness works better than nicey-nice. What’s even better: A confident and #inclusive #directness that throws the door wide open for other people to rise ...
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Bravely Loving the People to Get the Work Done

The teams at work need love from their leaders, providing sources of stability and emotional response that cultivate progress and support the full range of ...
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Leading with Gratitude: Celebrating Our Diverse Teams

In the whirlwind of our daily work lives, let’s intentionally lead with gratitude for the remarkable teams and colleagues surrounding us. Gratitude, at its core, ...
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Creating Sustained Change

I appreciate the framing by Vilija Biciunaite. Many organizations ask for training or an offsite, hoping for sustained change. Offsites create insight but seldom create sustained ...
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The Thrill of Holding Leadership Teams!

One of the thrills in life is to work with a leadership team who, through the richness of their care and skill, are constantly of ...
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Being Brave – The Belonging Game

Yesterday while having lunch and taking a little downtime, I found a segment on Access Hollywood that spoke to the importance of belonging. Author Ritu Bhasin Bhasin ...
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