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Cohorts change culture more than programs do

Dr. Richard Osibanjo, Lynette Winter, PCC, MBA, and Nir Megnazi have a fantastic distillation of the power of learning through cohorts vs. training through classes. I saw this …

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Looking for a new job? Start by counting your blessings.

I was reading this quick post by Dr. Richard Osibanjo and was reminded of many conversations with friends and colleagues who are starting job searches. Often, they …

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Great African American

Brave Generative Approaches: Unleashing Potential through Expanding Observers

Two leaders generative leaders, Rachel and Malik, build possibilities for people. In generative leadership, transformation unfolds through the power of observation. What are your strengths …

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Being Brave Means

We have enough courage to step into the unknown and bring our best skills to the moment. Taking a journey into learning during Black History …

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image of field with sunset glowing golden in blue sky

Asking the Right Questions

My father, an avid outdoorsman, farmer and traveler encouraged his children to learn with a simple declaration: “The first three questions are free”. That was …

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Pause, Maybe Adjust

So often, we go full throttle ahead, we don’t pause and adjust when things are not looking like they make sense. We stick to the …

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