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Digital Thread, a network of team commitments

In the 90s, with the introduction of Internet standards and changing operating systems, enterprise system architectures began to migrate away from tightly configured database applications. ...
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L-O-V-E: Being Brave

Life at work becomes welcome creation as leaders bring their focus to leading with Love. What does that mean? It means building strength for deploying ...
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Are you making high-quality decisions?

How many decisions did you make today that could change the future for your company, customers, investors or team? Two? Twenty? For each of those ...
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Women: Brave, Brilliant, Vulnerable, and Strong

Whose shoulders do you stand on? Perhaps we’ve all come from families and cultures where we stand on the shoulders of the women (and men) ...
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Cohorts change culture more than programs do

Dr. Richard Osibanjo, Lynette Winter, PCC, MBA, and Nir Megnazi have a fantastic distillation of the power of learning through cohorts vs. training through classes. I saw this ...
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Looking for a new job? Start by counting your blessings.

I was reading this quick post by Dr. Richard Osibanjo and was reminded of many conversations with friends and colleagues who are starting job searches. Often, they ...
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