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Asking the Right Questions

My father, an avid outdoorsman, farmer and traveler encouraged his children to learn with a simple declaration: “The first three questions are free”. That was ...
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Pause, Maybe Adjust

So often, we go full throttle ahead, we don’t pause and adjust when things are not looking like they make sense. We stick to the ...
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Move From FOMO to JOMO in 2023

For years I’ve had friends and clients struggling to find ways to “fit it all in” – the new work opportunity, their child’s new school ...
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Undesign to Redesign

If you want to add to your weekend listening playlist, you’ll love this interview! Chenny Xia, an award-winning entrepreneur, designer, technologist, and CEO of Gotcare, joins ...
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Art & Leadership

What a joy to meet Flo de Bretagne (de Laguiche) whose vibrant art I discovered somehow here on LinkedIn. Turns out we live 20 minutes apart, so ...
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