Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Dignity. Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. Belonging.

Altus stands for human dignity, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) for all people. Our experience has taught us that organizations become better through building cultures where everyone is legitimate, belongs, and thrives. 

At Altus, we partner with you to create pathways to safe spaces that help build trust through courageous vulnerability. We help you design conversations and actions that increase your ability to experience and strengthen connection, belonging, and thriving.

This is not about compliance. We believe DEIB is about building trust, safety, and connections that build the capacity to thrive. It’s about results that honor people, the organization, and the value you create together.

Imagine your organization taking steps to engage your people so they know their value, bring their best selves to work, deepen their commitments, know their purpose, and believe people care about them.

The best results honor and appreciate the value of each person. When people engage across the organization and have open conversations, new possibilities arise. Your people will learn to:

  • Become willing to explore and learn.
  • Ask for what they need.
  • Say they don’t know.
  • Invite and share reflections.
  • Expand capacity to hold conversations and share unique perspectives.
  • Engage in knowledge building from collective learning experiences.
  • Own authority and power.
  • Learn to use power generously with others.

Our Approach

We partner with you to advance DEIB, beginning with where you are currently on the journey and honoring your desired future. We reveal opportunities to design a better future, and, together with you, we co-create the possibilities for new action to integrate and develop a culture of DEIB in your organization. 

  • We help you assess where you are, what you do, and where to move.
  • We enter with courage to tell you the truth and support engagement. 
  • We put all our professional and generative tools to use observing your organization’s culture—from leadership to the frontline. 
  • We identify both strengths and areas for growth.  
  • We bring decades of experience to guide you. We enter with you as learners—not experts—holding the space for movement through shared learning to create and deepen connections. 
  • We design conversations and provide space for transparency, discovery, and truth-telling.

Create a world of difference.

We’ll help you build an organization that matters.

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