L-O-V-E: Being Brave

Life at work becomes welcome creation as leaders bring their focus to leading with Love.

What does that mean? It means building strength for deploying these few pillars to guide you.

The first is Engaging.
It is the opportunity to enter into conversations that help you know and learn what others’ needs are for support growth and alignment. Enter ready to connect, having grounded yourself for engagement. As Baron asks, “Are you leading from your body and doing more than hanging out in your head?”

Second, Exploration includes preparing your body and mind to learn by asking questions, listening well, and holding space to know someone who may be unlike you and another who may be quite like you in the place of discovery. I like to consider what I know and what’s beyond the assessments that arise through the conversations. I look for the musicality of voice, movement, connections to ideas, purpose, and just being alive.

Look for & Lead from Care.
This person is important because they are here.
Above all, they are human beings, and we have an opportunity to create futures together, which always start in the present moment. JI reminds us, “Joint futures grow through our mutual commitment to show up and responsibly act on what we say we will.”

Are you considering showing up as the holder of the possibilities for Love at work? What guides your preparation to enter with Love?

The expression of Love builds through words and actions, including empathy, patience, and compassion. These three pillars provide ways to show up knowing the concern and being of service to the other person during awakenings, challenges, moments of joy, or painful situations.

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