Leadership is a Vibe

Leading with patience is a #vibe because we hold space and create opportunity for success. Conscious leaders operate from their care. We release feelings and surface issues, focusing on what’s most important – supporting our people and progressing toward excellence.

Conscious leaders adopt the right mood for moments of challenge and distress. Their focus is on growing their people.

Patient leaders create a flow of energy in which they are attuned to the realities and the breakdowns while simultaneously holding space for themselves and others.

One of my favorite leaders, JV, is known for developing leaders and leaning into wisdom. She engages from the mood of curiosity with its grounding care and a principle to honor people. Her motto: create space for them to know their place in the team and be incredibly successful.

BH has never met a stranger. He welcomes all, engaging in direct conversations that intermingle lightness while holding the space for them to be themselves. He chooses to see what they bring, their areas for growth, while exploring their areas of insight and wisdom beyond intellect.

These leaders have daily practices of consciously adopting welcoming moods that provide foundational space for engagement because they care about the people in their orbit and want them to know that they bring value.

Each lives #patience with #care. These leaders hold a place of accountability for both them and the other person so that the other person can know if they want their success.

As one of my leaders reminds me, you’ve taught me to focus on 5 practices. 
1. Begin my morning with mental fitness
2. Pray & being thankful
3. Yoga and breathing
4. Bike, walk, or work out
5. Eat a nourishing breakfast

The practices Enable me to meet them with patience and care, taking the time to consider who they are. What do they need for their growth? While remembering their strengths and talents.

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