Juliana Vergara

Juliana Vergara

A clinical psychologist by background, Juliana coaches senior and emerging leaders in Latin America and the US. She helps them produce real change by leading based on understanding themselves and listening to others’ concerns and intentions for the future. She helps people become more aware of their habits, tendencies, and choices, so they can engage in more effective practices and conversations for success. Her clients have transformed their ways of leading and living to experience greater levels of satisfaction and results, improved relationships, and better work/life balance. Juliana helps teams to build trust and operate from a place of commitment rather than overwhelm.

Juliana has extensive experience working with manufacturing companies, including Progressive Foam, Mansfield Plumbing Products, NuCamp, Miller Weld Master, and Superb Industries. She has also worked with Daszkal Bolton and Infracore, as well as foundations. She speaks frequently at clients and community events about mindfulness, resilience, and trust.

Juliana helps leaders, individuals, and teams find their passion and connect with their source of power by capitalizing on their strengths and accompanying them in their growth journey. Her deep understanding of human behavior enables her to provide insightful breakthroughs about team dynamics, human desires, and motivations, while her expertise in psychology, coaching, and training provides a unique mix for the organizational world. Juliana helps clients see individual mindsets that can block or unblock the path forward in a technologically driven marketplace facing uncertainty, volatility, and ongoing disruption.

She holds executive and organizational coach certifications from the Newfield Network Ontological Coaching Program and the Institute for Generative Leadership. Juliana has a BA in psychology from Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia and a master’s in clinical psychology from Colombia’s Universidad Javeriana. She is certified in the Birkman Assessment Method and the Enneagram, which allow her to offer insight into unseen perspectives that drive human behavior and help leaders grasp the spectrum of possible viewpoints besides their own.

Juliana cares about helping people find their inner power to lead and unleash their potential to create a future where they can thrive. She believes the root cause of suffering in the world can be tied to people not knowing what’s important to them or how to put their talents to use in service to the world. As a realist, Juliana believes she can change the world one leader and one team at a time. She gives back to the community and the planet by volunteering with the humane society, the community hospice, and a mind-body wellness group. She enjoys nature and family and holding conversations where people feel heard and included.

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