Nolitha Tsengiwe

Nolitha Tsengiwe

Nolitha Tsengiwe is an experienced Executive coach and registered Psychologist with over 20 years of collective work experience in leadership development, team coaching, executive coaching, lecturing, and psychotherapy. Nolitha is the director and founder of Courage to Lead. This leadership development consulting company assists organizations by assessing the climate and culture and assisting leaders in aligning them with its strategy. She was also a joint founder of Leadership Pathways. She contributed to managing CCL leadership consulting company as a partner and director for the five years she was part of the team. She has recently launched her work on an internationally renowned meditation app known as Insight Timer.

Her leadership development and coaching approach underscore the need for building capacity for self-awareness, being strategically savvy, and cultivating purposeful action to achieve the desired business results. To date, she has helped leaders from various companies increase their team effectiveness, incorporating elements of inclusivity and diversity within their teams, whilst successfully helping teams adapt to change and transition. Through her coaching endeavours, she helps leaders push through their boundaries to benefit their career development and positive impact in driving for desired results. Nolitha believes that sustainable high performance through continuous learning and growth results from self-reflection in systems and its members that develops their awareness to make conscious choices, innovate and leverage the collective systems experience for effectiveness.

Her other clients include Nedbank, former business partner Centre for Conscious Leadership, Department of Environmental Affairs, Medshield, National Consumer Tribunal, Nozala Investments,  KTH Holdings, (Nedbank, financial sector), Discovery, AVBOB.

Nolitha facilitates internationally in DEI, at present she runs workshops for Sacred Mountain Sangha in Race Work and Psycho-Spritual Inquiry. Her strength is creating conditions for safety that enable dialogue for racial healing. 

Nolitha has gained extensive training in the following areas: Systems Thinking, Productive Dialogue, Process Work and Deep Democracy for DEI work, Ontological Coaching, Co-Active Coaching, ORSC (Organizational Relational Systems Coaching. She has varied international exposure, having studied in the United States, trained by Spirit Rock in Community Leadership Development, and completed a 4-year teacher training in Mindfulness under IMS. She is currently mentoring a mindfulness group for Sounds True and iCloud Sangha. 

She also has a Masters degree in Guidance and Counselling from University of Toledo, Ohio, USA.

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