Richard Eppel

Richard C. Eppel

Richard Eppel has been a business leader in the high-tech industry for over 35 years. Specializing in corporate turnarounds, he has brought his high energy, results-oriented approach and powerful analytical, strategic and communications skills to bear on a wide range of organizations.  His consistent focus is on developing team-based, strategically oriented organizations capable of effectively responding to a rapidly changing marketplace.  Leveraging his experience as a turnaround CEO, Richard partners with CEOs and their teams to unlock the enterprise value obscured by organizational misalignment and dysfunctional conversations. 

Richard works with clients in a variety of industries. His primary clients include technology, manufacturing and engineering services companies.  Other types of clients include construction companies and health care organizations.  

Richard helps clients dramatically improve their innovation and execution excellence throughout their organization. Richard takes a systems approach and focuses on aligning vision, strategy, operational processes and culture with an emphasis on aligning the culture to achieve the desired results. Richard strongly believes that culture, how people think and act, is the key performance driver. Richard’s commitment is to achieve a 10X improvement in enterprise value within a 5 year period. Achieving this goal usually requires a significant shift in the mindset and actions of the team, which Richard accomplishes by changing their conversations. Ultimately, these shifts result in significant improvements in all the key processes driving value creation. 

Richard received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology. In addition to his consulting practice, Richard is a licensed M&A professional. Before becoming a turnaround CEO, Richard led a 550 person computer development division within a Fortune 75 company. Richard has taken advanced courses in organizational transformation and process re-engineering as well as pursuing continuing education through industry seminars, management and leadership courses. Richard has held board seats with privately held companies, the American Electronics Association and the San Diego World Trade Center.  

He cares about making a difference in the health and wellbeing of companies and their people and making a significant impact on organizational and individual performance, by improving how people cooperate, collaborate and coordinate action together. Richard is committed to developing organizational cultures capable of producing extraordinary results. In the process of helping CEOs and their organization significantly increase their company value, he is also committed to growing the people so the organization does not outgrow them. 

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