Abundance mindset

I recently listened to Altus Growth Partners‘ Podcast, Missing Conversations Episode #12 with Lisa Simms Booth. https://lnkd.in/g5yK5fsg She brings up what is such a critical point around the presence of scarcity in non-profit organizations. (The whole interview is excellent and worth listening to). A scarcity mindset is rooted in a belief that resources, opportunities, and support are limited, leading …

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Digital Thread, a network of team commitments

In the 90s, with the introduction of Internet standards and changing operating systems, enterprise system architectures began to migrate away from tightly configured database applications. This completely changed the notion of product documentation and configuration management and opened the doors widely for hybrid heterogeneous systems and electronic vaults. Since then, we have drastically advanced our …

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L-O-V-E: Being Brave

Life at work becomes welcome creation as leaders bring their focus to leading with Love. What does that mean? It means building strength for deploying these few pillars to guide you. The first is Engaging.It is the opportunity to enter into conversations that help you know and learn what others’ needs are for support growth …

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Great African American

Brave Generative Approaches: Unleashing Potential through Expanding Observers

Two leaders generative leaders, Rachel and Malik, build possibilities for people. In generative leadership, transformation unfolds through the power of observation. What are your strengths as an observer? Leaders embracing somatic engagement, emotional intelligence, mindful communication, and historical wisdom create environments that foster growth, collaboration, and innovation. 1. Somatic Practices: Rachel harnesses inner wisdom through …

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Being Brave Means

We have enough courage to step into the unknown and bring our best skills to the moment. Taking a journey into learning during Black History Month is an opportunity.  The invitation is to step up and love yourself enough to bring your best in sometimes challenging conversations that hold opportunities for bigger and brighter futures. …

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