About Amy

I care about helping leaders create vibrant organizational cultures that will support personal transformation and well being, effective, highly engaged teams, and leadership development so they are able to achieve excellence, meaningful results and a positive ripple of impact in the world. Being a part of Altus team is learning to create what we want to help others create in the world.

It’s our way of being the change you want to see in the world. Being a part of this team is an incredible gift, to work alongside an extremely talented and growth minded team of colleagues. The Altus way resonates with me, specifically our team’s deep care for achieving excellence in results while embracing learning and the relevance of care and commitment to move individuals and organizations towards a higher level of consciousness.

Clients I work with focus on strengthening their individual and team leadership capabilities to achieve key results and accelerate growth.I’m my clients’ collaborative thought partner; empowering professionals to see past blind spots and patterns of action that are no longer are beneficial. Leaders and their teams develop enhanced conversational skills; learn the power of clear commitment and how to design effective, coordinated actions to achieve excellence. Together, leaders and their teams understand how to generate clear commitment, engagement and build specific, measurable outcomes.

Clients include executive and management teams, individual CEO’s and leaders and entire organizational leadership culture initiatives. I have a deep care for empowering women leaders and business owners to take a stand and own their leadership potential and expand their impact on key results. I bring extensive experience and expertise in designing and delivering large and small group facilitations in participants engage in identifying missing conversations, developing conversational and emotional competency to enhance leadership effectiveness and growth. Sectors my work has been focused in include health care, universities, government, not for profits, small business and social ventures and corporate clients.

I’m the co-author of the book Good Enough. Embrace who you are. Unleash your brilliance, exploring barriers that hold women leaders back and offering strategies to create a powerful presence, and leading mindset. She speaks frequently to audiences about cultivating the inner leader to motivate people to have impact and influence in areas they care about.

I hold executive and leadership coaching certifications with Newfield Network and the Institute for Generative Leadership and certification with the International Coach Federation, the Leadership Circle Profile and with Genuine Contact. I have a MScN and BScN from McMaster University. Being active in my community is important to me and I volunteer for the United Way along with supporting social venture CEO’s through leadership and executive skill development at Uncharted and Starting Bloc. I enjoy spending time with my four kids and our golden retriever Lily.

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