About Pam

I care about speaking to reality and working with deep regard for people. I work with my clients to see these aren’t opposite poles but twin conditions of healthy businesses and workplaces.

My depth of experience in corporate strategy, executive development, and organizational transformation helps clients cut through the noise to focus on their most important issues. I guide clients to find their courage to say the hardest stuff and figure out how to join their ambitions to create a future that matters for their business. Whether I’m coaching, facilitating, or consulting, I’m focused on putting clients in touch with their own insights, energy, standards, and courage.

My clients are mostly in technology and healthcare, including Autodesk, Cisco, Genentech/Roche, Medallia, Microsoft, PayPal, Stanford Medicine, VMWare, and fast-growth companies in Silicon Valley and around the globe. I work on C-level and VP leadership, CEO transitions, and organizational culture.

I also coach Executive Education at Stanford GSB, where I have my MBA and facilitated NTL-style T-groups for five years. My research is in how leaders of various personalities develop emotional intelligence; I work deeply with both Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram. My book is 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role.

Partnering with Altus means I can say yes to organizational transformations bigger than I can accomplish on my own. The Altus team combines the finest consultants anywhere, with shared methodology and commitment.

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