About Steve Dorn

Steve works with leaders and teams to develop exceptional collaboration and communication practices that transform organizations’ ability to align work and achieve critical goals and objectives. Steve’s extensive coaching experience helps leaders and team members build trust, self-awareness, and listening skills. This reduces oppositional management practices and allows them to build a solid foundation for operational improvement, effective communication, and growth. Steve has worked with a variety of organizations representing many industries, including retail, manufacturing, finance, staffing, government, consulting, and healthcare. 

Steve has deep experience working with learning programs that emphasize self-awareness and relational management practices. He combines this with his career-long commitment to help people work together more effectively. Steve has designed and led a variety of management development and learning sessions in which managers learn practical skills needed to transform management practices and organizational culture. Becoming more aware of personal style can improve the organization’s ability to change and take advantage of growth opportunities. Steve is committed to coaching individuals and teams to shift leadership from outdated command & control practices to an innovative service orientation where daily work inspires inclusion, trust, emotional awareness, and shared commitment for both growth and customer satisfaction. 

Steve has extensive practical business experience from his work as a leader at Western Staffing, the Newfield Group, Hill Physicians, Kaiser Permanente, and Pivotal Resources 

His work in improving operations, creating and delivering training programs, enhancing customer experience and driving revenue has been acknowledged as a significant contribution to the renewed and ongoing success of these companies. Steve received his Master of Professional Studies from the University of Denver, where his capstone project thesis focused on developing leadership skills for generating improved change capability. He also holds professional coaching certifications from both the Newfield Group and the Institute for Generative Leadership.

Steve envisions a world in which the way people interact is based on listening first, understanding rather than reacting, and developing shared perspectives and openness. He believes this continuous learning is a daily, practical ambition. Steve, together with his wife, son, and daughter, finds sports of all kinds to be a mainstay of family fun and a platform for instilling ethics and virtues. He’s coached many youth and higher-level sports teams and led community projects to support those in need, while raising awareness of those needs with community and business leaders. He fills his spare time with guitar and gardening for fun and relaxation.

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