"We brought Kobe in to work with our leadership team. He taught us how to lead with care, especially how to have difficult conversations when people are feeling stuck. Now, asking for help is accepted in our organization. We listen more actively and we ask great questions. We're successful because we enroll people in the process and give them the space, time, and tools to fix their own problems."
Collette Cosky
Former VP of Marketing & Creative
"Altus is the best at what they do. They have been contributing to the success of our organization for more than ten years. One of their many outstanding strengths their ability to take in a great amount of input and quickly get to the core of the issue. This skill, combined with their vast knowledge and experience in working with SMBs and Fortune 500 companies, makes them invaluable to leaders of organizations who want to make a significant impact on their culture, leadership development, and overall success. I give Altus a well-deserved recommendation, because I have a tremendous amount of respect for what they do and who they are."
Paymon Hamidi
"It's been enormously valuable to have Altus Growth Partners work with me and my senior leadership to grow ourselves and the company. Heather and Pam have provided exceptional team development, coaching, and guidance. What we learned from them we've used every day as we navigate the ups and downs of the biopharma journey. Pam and Dan have also partnered with us very skillfully to develop and align on a strategic plan for the company. Across three CEO roles and multiple companies, I've worked with many great consultants, but this team listens and brings out the best in everyone in a way that is extraordinary. My entire management team—including the skeptics—thinks Altus Growth is fantastic, and we look forward to more."
Susan Molineaux
Serial biotech CEO and board member
“Dan and his Altus partners work with teams to implement sustainable strategies that align with their values and goals. Rather than offering quick fixes or temporary solutions, his process empowers clients to continue growing and improving on their own. Additionally, Dan’s approachable demeanor and relatable communication style enable him to appeal to everyone, from millennials to baby boomers and from entry-level employees to C-suite executives. I highly recommend Dan's balanced approach and the sustainable results it enables."
Joy Hopkins
"Our company worked with Altus to gain strategic direction for planning our five-year future. We’ve learned a tremendous amount in many areas, including the importance of collaborating and working together to create a common target goal. Now every team member knows the direction of the company and can work together to achieve it. We also became aware of the importance of giving clear direction to peers and each team member to accomplish tasks efficiently. A big part of this was learning the importance of clear answers: 'A clean no is better than a dirty yes.' Altus exceeded my expectation in the way they coached our team to become high level achievers and have better communication throughout the organization. I’m extremely satisfied and impressed with their professionalism and I look forward to working with Altus again in the future."
Jesse Mullet
"I highly recommend Altus for strategic planning, team communication, support/dynamics/education, team building, executive coaching, and conflict resolution. Altus has been instrumental in Cognitive Medical Systems’ growth, maturity, and team building at the founder, executive team, and management team levels. Working with Altus has been one of the best investments we’ve ever made. I learn something from Kobe at Altus every time I speak to him. I consider him an invaluable resource, a mentor, and a friend."
Doug Burke
President & Cofounder
"Working with Altus has been a cornerstone in our company's transformation from a startup to a thriving company with 300 team members across multiple geographies. Pam guided us through key business processes such as implementing OKRs, streamlining communication throughout the organization, and embracing systems thinking. This increased agility proved crucial in the pandemic – we were able to coordinate fast to deliver new capabilities that kept our customers in business. Pam is a master listener, and her ability to ask crucial questions at the right moments has greatly influenced my development as a CEO. She has also deepened the effectiveness of our diverse executives over several years, working seamlessly across their individual styles and needs. We think more strategically and lead better together. I wholeheartedly recommend Altus as a catalyst for transformative growth and success."
Wai Hong Fong

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