The Thrill of Holding Leadership Teams!

One of the thrills in life is to work with a leadership team who, through the richness of their care and skill, are constantly of service to the people they serve.

👏🏽 👏 Cheers to the incredible leadership team at Loudoun County, VA, Parks and Recreation Services! Their dedication, humor, grace, and commitment to progressing together are gratifying.

🌳 Their dedication to community-wide innovation is commendable, as they wholeheartedly commit to enriching the lives of their residents through shared commitment and rich conversations. They are innovative, designing safety plans that kept pools open through COVID-19 and creating spaces for everyone to enjoy nature and the good in their lives.

It’s an honor to support their work, making life more fun, enjoyable, and better for individuals of all ages. They profoundly touch lives from the young to the young at heart.

What is most rewarding about supporting teams’ journeys to excellence and celebrating their progress? Share your thoughts! 👇🏽

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