Undesign to Redesign

If you want to add to your weekend listening playlist, you’ll love this interview!

Chenny Xia, an award-winning entrepreneur, designer, technologist, and CEO of Gotcare, joins me in this latest episode of The Feminine Edge podcast.

Chenny realized after working within the healthcare industry and at multiple innovation consultancies that change needed to be made to better support its care providers. This led to her co-founding Gotcare, a health tech company transforming in-home healthcare across Canada.

The Gotcare team is passionate about creating a more equitable healthcare system and is dedicated to making that change one strategic move at a time. They focus on people first, providing personalized care to the people they serve and livable wages to their care providers.

“To help unburden people from the weight of the system, we need to change a part of the system and be very strategic about how we’re intervening.”

Chenny and I discuss the importance of believing in the core of what you do, how care plays a crucial part in bringing people together for change, turning past trauma into strength, and the importance of practicing authentic leadership.

Chenny shares so many good insights.

Making big change starts with making one decision and just doing it. Make the change, and the rest of the business will work around this change.

Reapplying existing technology in new ways fosters a wave of change.

Getting clear on your purpose and care behind your desire to make a change and personally committing to make it happen.

Building a solid core of beliefs to attract and support business growth.

Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.

Power of generative, authentic leadership in empowering employees.

Creating a sanctuary for yourself to re-energize.

Listen Here: https://lnkd.in/gECPWbZF

To learn more about Gotcare, visit www.gotcare.ca.

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