WBSRocks: Grow Your Business by Driving Cross-Functional Clarity

Due to how companies function in the startup phase and evolve, most of them operate in silos because it’s hard to find cross-functional talent. In addition, the cross-functional processes are perceived to be slow. It’s also tough to train people in multiple disciplines. As a result, most SMBs will have one person responsible for each function: sales, purchasing, AR, AP, HR, etc. While this siloed nature may help you sail through the startup phase, it’s the cross-functional alignment that will help propel your growth.

In today’s episode, we have our guest, Pam Fox Rollin, who discusses how to drive cross-functional clarity in a siloed organization. She describes the entire process of driving this clarity, including setting the shared promise and how it differs from a shared vision. Finally, we discussed several stories of executives who may be afraid of driving this clarity in fear of disruption to their organization.

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