Women: Brave, Brilliant, Vulnerable, and Strong

Whose shoulders do you stand on?

Perhaps we’ve all come from families and cultures where we stand on the shoulders of the women (and men) who gave us life or who became our family.

I live in gratitude for the women (and men) who are my parents, Jean, Dorothy, and Lewis, who encouraged me to learn and seek out education in school and through travel. Dad and my second mom taught me to seek wisdom daily by entering with curiosity and a willingness to explore. My second mom, who’s been with me for most of my life, encouraged my interest in reading. Together, she and dad modeled the joys of preparing space and creating spaces of love and light for our beloved.

In celebration of Women’s history month, I recall the gifts women bring to life because of the multidimensional ways they hold themselves and the world. People who are often under-appreciated and under attack and who deserve recognition. The women in my life have always spoken truth to power. They remind us to find joy and laughter because of their courage and commitment to improving life.

Today I’m grateful to the past and present women who show us how to live, embrace, and lead.

This month I invite you to join me in the daily celebration of the important women and girls in your life by honoring all #womenatwork more today than you did yesterday. Whether you are a man or woman, what can you do to improve the quality of their lives? How might you support their thriving because they are gifted beings in their own right.

Remembering that agency is essential for all of us, and it creates a space to enter with a mixture of love, liberation, and courage that supports their living, their best lives, and having increasing and decreasing levels of threat at work in our communities, and within medical offices and within their homes.

Join me in a shout-out to all the ancestors, mothers, aunties, BFFs, nieces, daughters, work spouses…

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