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Shaping the future

by Jan Irene Miller

Each week the news highlights more on the lives of women, their choices and challenges. Recently the New York Times offered insights into the changing perspective of Japanese women, who are celebrating their solo weddings as a declaration of their decision to free themselves from the traditional married woman role and engage in work and living arrangements that are meaningful for them.

We still live in an unhealthy male dominated world, the product of centuries of socialization that we’re squirming our way out of.

After centuries of going with the party line, by virtue of our biology and our female roles, and with help from global social media, momentum is with us to question our internal and external barriers to be the women we want to be.

This is a pivotal point in human history. It’s like a great chaotic awakening, upheaval in the gender landscape with no clear path forward. There are those who are hunkering down with fear and hate, trying to hang onto the structure and domination. And there are those who are moving on, challenging the status quo, taking risks for change, opening the doors to a new chapter in our human story. You can imagine how scary it is to declare yourself a solo bride?

I look forward to every day that sheds light on old patterns that have produced a world where everyone is not safe, does not belong and cannot contribute to a world where everyone thrives.

And you? Where are you in this journey? How are you examining where you have been persistently blind to certain habits and patterns of life that encase you in undesirable moods? Who do you trust to honestly and openly reflect with and navigate into new conversations and behaviors that shift the future you are designing?

About the Author

Jan Irene Miller is a leadership and management coach and consultant of 15 years certified by the Newfield Network, Strozzi Institute, Institute for Generative Leadership and Sandton Coach Centre.

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