Being Brave – The Belonging Game

Yesterday while having lunch and taking a little downtime, I found a segment on Access Hollywood that spoke to the importance of belonging.

Author Ritu Bhasin Bhasin spoke of her journey through trauma. I lived through challenges, trauma, and doubts within myself, and I’ve witnessed the hardships in others I love and care for at work and at home. There’s power in self-knowing, caring for yourself, and generating space to live our call to belong.

Strategies for Building a thriving sense of belonging within yourself, at work, and in your communities:

👉🏽Self-Awareness: Embrace your uniqueness and focus on self-acceptance. Understand your values, strengths, and weaknesses.
👄Positive Self-Talk: Replace self-doubt with affirming thoughts.
🖖🏾Self-Care: Prioritize your well-being through exercise, proper nutrition, rest, and activities you enjoy.
🧘🏾‍♂️Mindfulness: Mindfulness can help reduce stress and increase self-awareness.
💜Connect with Others: Build meaningful relationships by being genuine and open..
📉Set Boundaries: Establish healthy boundaries to protect your time, energy, and emotional well-being.
🎊Celebrate Achievements: Acknowledge your successes, no matter how small- boosts confidence and self-worth.

What helps you to know that you belong?

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